Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hi everyone,
  We just got a new computer.  I don't have any pictures on it yet.  I haven't really had time to even get onto this site till today and this will just be a short message.
It's my wedding anniversary today.  19 years.  We went out to red lobster for dinner.  Had shrimp. it was really really good.   I'll try to put more here soon.   Have to look at my fab4 for  friday. I'm a little behind in that.  doing it that is.  Bye for now.  I'll try to upload some pictures to this computer so I can put more here.  I'm off this weekend so will see what I can do.
Bye for now and happy quilting.
:) Carol

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Nathalie said...

Happy Anniversary. Does it feel like yesterday or forever??? You don't have to answer that. It's always a question I ask myself every anniversary. What is a fab-4? We're going to Detroit airport to pick-up our daughter Randee. Can't wait to hear about her trip.
Don't work to hard. Talk soon. Nat