Tuesday, April 15, 2008

virtual round robin help needed

This is my virual round robin. Round 2 is done. The rules are that we add round 3 before doing the corners. I am not stuck on what to add for round 3. Round 2 was to have leaves and round 3 was sort of what I did in round 2. I thought that my centre was too busy and I needed this round first. So now I'm not sure where to go. Any ideas out there. I am using fat quarters so I don't have alot of any of the centre block fabric but do have some of each leftover. Should I add another colour. Like maybe a shade of green or should I stay with the blues? What design should I use? The next round is the same length of each side. The corners get done after the next strip is sewn onto the one that is there now. would flying geese do it any good?

Nathalie, I finished writing and saved and then realized I hadn't answered your questions.

The swirl is part of the pattern. If you look closely here you can see that 1 block has connector corners and has the main part of the colour of the swirl. The tail of the swirl is actually a half square triangle. I you look at the purple swirl maybe you can see what I am talking about.

I actually made 2 mistakes putting the swirls together but I don't think I am going to change anything. I'll have to think about it. You can't see it in this picture.

Nathalie, We have 2 horses in our yard. One is ours, Count...short for Counterstrike. and Diamond belongs to a friend of Jenn's. We live on 4.5 acres. Kelsey lives in Langdon so, Diamond lives here and Kelsey comes to visit. Diamond has been alot of work , she escapes alot. But she is good company for Count.

Hope you got to get some quilting or sewing done as you wanted to Nathalie.

Well, I had better get to some real work.


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