Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hi everyone,
Well, I actually got some sewing done yesterday. I worked on my virtual round robin. I now have the second round done. Now I have to plan the next border. I'll try to upload that picture today. Took the picture last night.
I was given 3 bags of pillow quilt squares. They are about 1- 1/2 inch squares. I didn't measure but that's what they look like. I've started sewing them together. I'm using them as my tags while working on other stuff. I plan to make a charity quilt with them. It will do for one of the baby quilts that we make in our guild. We donate to a store front school in Strathmore. There are usually Mom's that graduate each spring and we give the babies a quilt for the mom's graduation gift.
I've started to listen to books on tape while I'm quilting. I am quite enjoying it. If you haven't tried it you should. I have bought a few of the books at the library sales but I am now taking some out of the library as I finally have access to a local library. Because we live in the country and not in Calgary, our cost of an annual library card with Calgary is $112.00/year. Our county finally decided to pay into a library system and now I can be a member in Strathmore for only $25.00 which is much more affordable. Our first year is free. So that is what I am on at the moment. And it's great. I work in Strathmore so I'm that alot , so it's not a problem to get books back on time. We also now have a small library in Langdon. It's hours are short as it is run by volunteers but I've a membership there as well. So I will be well supplied now.
Guess that's it for now. I'll try to add those pictures a little later today.
Happy sewing,

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