Thursday, November 29, 2007

nov 29, 2007

picture and info edited out as requested.

I had a very busy evening at work. I was orientating our new RN. It was her second evening so she got to do all the meds and orders. We had to chase down a couple of doctors and do more orders than are normal on an evening shift, then a dressing needed to be done as was not done on days. We were about 25 minutes late in all the extra things that needed to be done. It was really good for the new staff though because some things don't happen all that often and at least I was there to help her.
Tonight I get to go to Rosebud. A small town north of here that has a dinner theatre. My nurses union is paying for the evening for any nurses that wanted to attend. A real treat. They have not done this before. Should be fun. I had to get someone to work for me so that I could go.
I got a little bit of sewing done yesterday. Some more little wheat bags done, and more cut and serged ready to fill with wheat. I plan to get down there for a while again this morning.
I really need to get my secret pal gift done.
Well I guess that's it for now. Happy quilting,

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