Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nov 7, 2007

picture edited out as requested.

I had a shadow at work today. The area school's have one day a year where kids in grade 9 get to go to work with a parent to see what they do at work. Jenn came to work with me. It was quite different for her. She decided that she definately did not want to go into health care. Not that it was in her plans anyway. So did find it interesting but too early in the day for her. We had to leave the house by 6am. as I do each day shift that I work. Work is a 30min. drive from home. By lunch time she said, "Aren't your feet sore, Mom?" Mine were not of course but hers were. She had a dentist appt after work to get a new retainer. The first one was not made right. This one is much better. She got braces off end of Aug. After today, Jenn still wants to work with animals and not humans.

Well, I guess I'll cut this short , I have a child who would like online and I need to wake Jenn up so she can go to bed. She's been asleep for about 1 hour.

I did alot of pinning and cutting yesterday. Cut more crisscross coasters and pinned more strips to my charity blocks.

Bye for now. Happy quilting.


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