Thursday, November 15, 2007

nov 18, 2007

picture edited out as requested.

Behind on the table are some of our secret pal gifts. This is a program that we take part in all year. If we chose to be a secret pal, we draw names at Christmas party. Then all year we send or bring to meeting small gifts or cards for the secret pal that we drew. Gifts are not a requirement , except for the Christmas gift, you can just send a few cards during the year but most of us do small special occasion gifts.

The Christmas gift is to be no more then $20.00 if bought. If made it can vary. Most of our Christmas party is doing this exchange as after we open the gifts we do a show and tell. It's great fun.

I have to get my gift made for my secret pal this weekend. I haven't made a final decision on what I'm making for her. I my have given myself away already, I'm not sure. We each have I guess before getting our gift, to see if you figured out who had our name.

It's alot of fun. Well, I really neat to get to my sewing room to pack andsort some more of the stuff I am taking on my retreat this weekend. My camera is already in the bag. I am so excited. I hope to get lots done. I have alot of coasters pinned and ready to sew. Will use them as tags for all my sewing.

Happy quilting and talk after the weekend is over.

:) Carol

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