Thursday, November 22, 2007

ohio star, angel 2 stockings, nov 22,2007

Happy Thanksgiving to all,

Two of my friendship blocks. The ohio star is for Olive. The blue is horse print. She wanted animals in it. The pp angel is for Jenny. Her theme was "when I get old I'll wear purple". The dress is purple and pink. I still have to add a face to it. I don't draw well so I need to find a good face to add.

My son, Chris, had his braces put on last night. Things seemed to go well for him. His sister went to watch as hers came off end of august. At least with Chris having his driving license , he will be able to take himself to some of his appointments.

I just tired to upload another

This one is right side up. The stockings I finished and more friendship blocks by guild members.

I still have hand sewing to do on the tops of the stockings. Sounds like and in front of the t.v. job.

I gave away about 17 criss cross coasters. Never even thought of taking a picture of them all together first. Too late now.

This is the test block that I made with Kim's September Morn pattern. I really loved the colours so although it was made with my scraps(intended for charity quilts) I had to use it for me.
The shopping bag on the right is what the bag looked like before I sewed the block to it. These are recycled bags that are sold for .99 at our local superstore/extra foods. I bought a few more yesterday as I want to do this again. We as a guild give to our local crisis centre so I thought that a few bags with a quilted block on them would be nice for a client at the centre. I use my bag for work. They are a fairly strong bag. I machine sewed the top and right side and hand sewed the other two as I didn't think that they would go into the machine very well. The part of a quilt that you can see is a round robin that I did online quite a few years ago. It is still just a top. My daughter decided to hang it more then a year ago and it is still there above the couch. One of these days it will come down so I can quilt it. It's a good way to store a top and get to enjoy it as well.

Well , I guess I'd better get to doing something more constructive work. Kids have gone to school.
Have a good day everyone.
Happy quilting,

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