Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My paint chip challenge still isn't quilted yet and now I did another class by Joanne and have yet another ufo. However the class was really good and I am enjoying getting the blocks done for it. Joanne taught us a new way to make hst's. I really like it. Don't think I'll use paper anymore.

Joanne's site is: Or if you go to "quilterstv" she has several free video's that you can watch. I've really enjoyed both the classes I have taken with Joanne.

Well, I was supposed to be a work today. They "staffing" cancelled my shift and didn't tell me.

I got to work and found our casual RN there. She had been asked to work my shift. Staffing had not told me. Now they have to pay me for working 4hours but I didn't have to stay.

Situation happened when I was signed up to take computer training for a new assessment tool that we are going to start using. The training is on my 2 days off. So they needed to find me time off so that I wasn't working 9 days in a row.

I just had 5 days off. They decided to give me the first day of my stretch off and another day off 6 days later. No great as far as I'm concerned but anyway. Staffing just thought that I'd check the schedule and see that she had booked me off and did not phone to tell me that I was off.

I thought that I had looked at the schedule on Thurs but I guess not as Joanne(scheduler) said that she put it in on Wed.

Long story long.....I got up a 5am. showered and left for work at 6 to arrive at work to find I needed to go back home. Oh well. I do get that extra pay.

Now I should just get some sewing done with this extra day.

Think I am getting that Sat. off instead of the tues. That makes more sense to me. Janet said she could work it for me so they will let me know tomorrow when I go into work.

I must find my camera today to see if I have any new pictures to put here.

Happy quilting and bye for now.


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