Saturday, March 29, 2008

March 28

March 21, Friday's fabulous 4 things to get done this week.
1. try once more 3 or 4 finger pin cushions
2.get round 2 planned and done for my virual round robing
3. Confirm on pattern for guild mystery challenge and get it cut out.
4. make ties longer on donation wheelchair cover for resident and upload picture of same.
Hope to get some of this done this week. It will be a busy week though. I start some computer training for a new program we are to use at work.
I should get off line now and get some sewing done. It's 610pm here. We went shopping today to get Jenn's equipment for lacrosse. She starts on Mar. 31. Hope she doesn't get hurt.
Well better go for now. I'm a little behind in reading will try to catch up soon.
:) Carol
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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Florida Fabric and fab. 4 for friday

The first 4 pictures are the fabric that I bought in Florida.
2 yards each above
Flannel butterflies was $3yd I think.
blue is remnant, butterfly flannel was 2yds
panel above
I used some of it the blue and white in the twisted star that I did last week.

The white and 3 blues went into the twisted star. I am thinking
of using one of the other 2 prints for the backing but haven't decided yet.
I was to do a "weaver fever" class on April 8 but it may not happen. We will see. I'm the only one signed up at the moment.
I've been busy working. Jenn went to her first job interview today. Doesn't know yet if she hasit.
There were 30 kids being interviewed for the jobs. Not sure how many jobs.
Surely, good experience for her if nothing else.
Oh, I just remembered yesterday was Friday. I'm a little slow.
Here are my fab 4 for this friday March. 7, 20081. Get centre made for the viral round robin I decided to do(I'm only 2 steps behind)
2. Choose a pattern for my guild challenge fabric
3. Get stuff ready for next Tues. Bargello class
4.make 3 or 4 finger pin cushions
March 14, Friday's fabulous 4 things to get done.
1. make 3 or 4 finger pin cushions
2. plan and do 2nd round on viral round robin
3. up load picture of round one of vrr
4. chose pattern to start guild mystery challenge and get it started.
Hope I do better this week.
Well, guess that is it for tonight. Happy quilting,

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This is the bargello runner I made yesterday. I think it goes with my couch very nice. My daughter said it looks old ladyish. Now I have yet another ufo. Have to finish it into a table runner.
Just uploaded the picture so thought I'd write the extra email and send it along.
Since I've basically been at the computer since 6am and it is now 10am I'd better leave and get some work done. I have to go to work for a 3pm start.
Talk later.
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(edited out info as requested) tablerunner. Sorry for quality of picture. Sometimes I don't see too well or I have to snap quickly to even get a picture.
I have a few other pictures but they aren't uploaded yet. I'll try to do that later this a.m.
I went to a free class yesterday. Made a bargello table runner. I really like it. Picture to follow later. My daughter's comments were that it looks old ladyish. I used an oriental print with green beige and purple.
I had the first strips sewn together so I managed to get the top completed in class. Now I have yet another ufo.
Guess that's it for now. I work evenings tonight. Kids get up for school soon.
Have a great day and happy quilting
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Monday, March 10, 2008

This is the twisted star table topper that I made at my class last Tues. It is of course just a top at the moment. It will take me a little more time to get it quilted and I'm doing another class tomorrow.I really enjoyed doing this one. It was very different to sew together but I think I will do it again.I am typing this on my son's computer. We are having speed issues with ours. Dave is running scanning programmes to see if we can get it back up to speed. It is very very slow at the moment.This will be the centre for my viral round robin that I'm working on for my canadianquiltswappers group. I'm a little behind. In this picture it wasn't totally sewn together. It now is sewn together but I haven't taken another picture of it.Now on to round 2.Hope everyone is doing well. I really much go and work on my business taxes. Dave wants to get them sent off and done with soon.Happy quilting,:)/Carol
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