Monday, March 10, 2008

This is the twisted star table topper that I made at my class last Tues. It is of course just a top at the moment. It will take me a little more time to get it quilted and I'm doing another class tomorrow.

I really enjoyed doing this one. It was very different to sew together but I think I will do it again.

I am typing this on my son's computer. We are having speed issues with ours. Dave is running scanning programmes to see if we can get it back up to speed. It is very very slow at the moment.

This will be the centre for my viral round robin that I'm working on for my canadianquiltswappers group. I'm a little behind. In this picture it wasn't totally sewn together. It now is sewn together but I haven't taken another picture of it.

Now on to round 2.
Hope everyone is doing well. I really much go and work on my business taxes. Dave wants to get them sent off and done with soon.

Happy quilting,


Gina said...

I love them. The twisted star is lovely, I've been so looking forward to seeing it

love and hugs xxx

Nathalie said...

I love the star quilt as well. The colors you've chosen are very nice.