Thursday, March 6, 2008

march 6,2008

Pictured edited out as requested.....
This quilt was interesting as it came about. One of our guild members, who has quilted for years gave her younger sister material frequently as gifts. She finally made this banner to try and get her point across. Only problem is she did quilt and it was a pretty good job. I think she was trying to tell her big sister not to buy her anymore fabric. I think it was Sue's Christmas present from Leslie, her sister.
Below is a fun game I got from VTquilter/Deb's site, She got it from Gina's site.
Here goes my version.
The rules are that each answer must start with the first letter of your name. You mustn't repeat your name for any of the answers.
What is your name - Carol
A 4 letter word - cool
A vehicle - colt
A city - Calgary
A boy's name - Carl
A girl's name - Christianna
Non alcoholic drink - Coke
Occupation - clerk
Something you wear - clothes
A celebrity - Cole Porter
A food - cheese
Something found in a bathroom - cake of soap
Reason for being late - children
Something you shout - Can you turn that music down
An animal - cat
A body part - chin
Word to describe yourself - charming (lol)
Have a go, it's fun
Well, I guess that's it for now. Happy quilting.

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